Where The Air Filter Go In A Woodshop? (Details)

You can have the best shop vacs, still, the backup of the air filter is required to keep out dust and debris out of sight. And for that, most people start to get the best woodshop air filtration system and hop into the installment process.

Almost all users don’t understand the instruction given in the manual and ask others to find the right answer. And that’s how they get even more confused to figure out where does the air filter go in a woodshop. 

I know you are one of them. Don’t panic as I have got good news for you! I have done a pretty solid analyzing to give enough insights about this topic. So, without wasting time, let’s find that out!

where does the air filter go in a woodshop

Exactly Where Does the Air Filter Go In A Woodshop?

The best location for an air filter in a woodshop is in the middle of the room. It’s better to either fit the unit on the ceiling or hang it using a hanger. And also, be sure it is near to the power source.

Manufacturers made the workshop air filter in a way that allows placing anywhere. As the main role of it is to circulate air while keeping out wood and particles, you have to place the air filter in a perfect spot.

And before you pick any location here’s a few things you have to bear in mind to avoid mistakes or regret later.

  • Choose a spot close to the power source supply line.
  • Never use extension cords using the air filter.
  • Mount in a higher place such as ceiling or hanging spot.
  • Don’t place an air filter into the corner of the woodshop.
  • Hang it horizontally to ensure better air intake and outflow.

Since putting the air filter in any position does not help with airflow performance, it’s wise to spot a good place. To ensure a better magnitude of airflow, you need to know where do you put an air filter in a woodshop.

And for that, most experts suggest placing it in the midpoint or at least 1/3 of the way from the corner to get enough airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What size air filter do I need for my shop?

To find the dimension of it, just multiply air filters length, width, and ceiling height. And, be sure to calculate it in cubic foot metric. Then, divide the sum by 10 to find the right size.

2. Can I cut an air filter to fit?

Technically, you can. But it’s essential to understand the structure if you are not an expert. Otherwise, it might require your HVAC system to damage severely which will cost a lot.

3. Do I need an air filter in my workshop?

If you want to keep your workshop clean with less airborne or flying dust, then the air filter is a great thing to have. Not only it will save your nose and lungs from dust attack but also keep the place neat.  

Wrap Up

So, it’s not that hard to understand where does the air filter go in a woodshop, right? Hopefully, this thing is now clear to you. We would like to suggest checking the instruction of the manual no matter what type of air filter you have.

The placement of it needs to be in a state where it can deliver the best airflow in the shop. For that, you need to know the right spot. And be sure to consider all the factors given to avoid hitches. Now, have to go, I’ll see you soon with a new topic. Take care!

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