You Can Buy Basswood for Carving from These Places.

You have invested quite much already buying expensive equipment, for instance the best angle grinder disc for wood carving that would feel great in your beginners’ days.

But now that you look into the material options, the thought of grabbing something affordable and still within quality, is what making you consider basswood. It’s going to be easy for practicing and the price point is manageable as well.

But, even this quite easy to access material can be a little tricky to find in a few corners of the world. You might be someone from such location, and that’s why you’re here to find Where To Buy Basswood For Carving. Well, keep reading!

Exactly Where to Buy Basswood for Carving?

To find basswood carving blanks, look in marketplaces, local markets, woodcarving local forums, local online marketplace, local woodcarvers’ shops, timber shops, sawmills, arborists and city services and social media groups.

Check Marketplaces.

If you don’t want to take the least chance, and just want the best quality basswood, bug marketplaces online are your best bets. These are usually available for anyone around the world to purchase and have worldwide shipping.

So, no matter what country you are in, if there’s not much use of basswood in your country, you’ll still be able to buy some from this worldwide shipping providing huge marketplaces.

Local Markets.

Your next best-carving wood suppliers for grabbing good basswood would be local markets. They might also have an online presence; most good wood carving dealers do make one. So, you want to check and search for a bit in your locality.

It’ll be good to check and then purchase that way, as some people prefer it. Along with basswood, you’ll never find aspen, black walnut, and butternut wood for carving in most of these specific carving material suppliers.

Local Forums of Woodcarving.

Another good way to get basswood would be looking in local woodcarving forums. These basically question answering spaces where people with similar wood carving preferences get together of talk about carving of course.

And if you go through the questions or simply ask one mentioning you’d like to purchase some basswood, people will suggest you from their buying experience. Sometimes, suppliers get the question themselves and you may just grab the attention of one of them just like that.

Local Online Marketplaces.

Every country should have an online marketplace for 2nd-hand stuff selling. You should not miss looking into these marketplaces as well. Somebody might be interested to sell the basswood that they no longer need and you will be able to contact them.

Local Woodcarvers Shops.

If your locality has a woodcarver’s shop, then paying a visit to them is a great idea for this purpose. They might already have pieces of basswood that you can request them to sell.

Or at least you’ll be able to get the information of where specifically close to your area basswood is sold. And that will also help.

Timber Shops.

If there’s no woodcarvers workshop or something like that, maybe a timber shop? They also work with lots of types of wood. So, paying a visit to them for some basswood might help as well. Again, if they don’t have extra basswood, at least the information of where to buy those from. Most timber shops will have certain carving stuff too, such as Dremel wood carving bits. Perhaps basswood as well, it won’t hurt to check.


Then you can also check sawmills. Now the problem with this is in most cases, you won’t find basswood because that isn’t required for cabinet making or firewood purposes. But if you request them, they may be able to give you freshly cut trees and let you know later.

Of course, the people at the sawmill might not be that friendly, but give it a try. Who knows, you might get a plank and just make your own stockpile of basswood.

Arborists & City Services.

They cut trees and so, you might be able to buy logs from them. You also have to organize for transport, milling, and storing of timber.

Social Media Groups.

Nowadays people with similar interests join groups on social media to interact with each other. And you can post about your search for basswood here. If it’s a local group, then someone who was able to find basswood in your area may just end up leaving a comment and that will help a lot.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is a good substitute for basswood?

Instead of basswood, you’ll be able to use other alternatives of it as well for wood carving. And these are birch wood, soft maple, and pine. Just like basswood the features are quite similar. Especially in terms of grain density.

2. Is basswood good for carving?

It’s one of the finest material choices for new woodworkers. Because the grain is almost zero. And thanks to that, it’s very soft. Also, the fact that basswood is very inexpensive.

3. What is the easiest wood to carve?

Basswood is considered to be the easiest wood for carving. The softness and tiny grain knots are the reasons behind that. It makes find detailing easier, especially for those who are just starting wood carving.

Wrapping Up.

And now you know where to buy Basswood for carving. It’s a fabulous choice of material if you are just starting wood carving. However, depending on where you live, finding it could or not be easy. Hopefully this guide was able to give you some idea on places that could have the basswood for you to purchase.

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