Guide on Where to Put Knobs and Handles on Kitchen Cabinets?

Where to Put Knobs and Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

Often in home and kitchen decorating, the smallest detail can make biggest unexpecting difference in look and impact. And don’t be surprised when I say that kitchen cabinetry hardware is one of them.

Being mindful of the subtle details and layering based on aesthetics and functionality is something very important in creating beautiful looking homes. That’s how you put together the potential aesthetics of a room.

And knobs and handles are the fascinating jewels of your kitchen cabinet that make it stand out from ordinary. However, knowing where to put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets is the first rule here. Today, we will be showering love to that topic!

Things to Keep in Mind About Where to Put Knobs and Handles on Kitchen Cabinets.

No matter if you are going for a completely new space decorating or simply remodeling an existing one, the final outlook is definitely equally important for both needs. Once you are done with picking a stunning design for this hardware, time to focus on the placement.

It might not fall into glamour maintaining priorities, but this consideration will surely make the final outcome look professional.

Below we will talk about placement for knobs and handles separately considering various situations and possibilities…

Placement for Knobs on Kitchen Cabinet.

One very common and detail maintaining hardware for the kitchen cabinet is a knob. They come of different finish, shape, size, and style. Once you buy your most preferable option for knob, next thing is to consider the right placement for it to install. Here are some suggestions on this matter.

On the Door of Cabinet.

Usually, we see knobs placed over the cabinetry doors. These are preferably mounted on the stile. The placement must be opposite to hinge spot of door. It should maintain 2.5 to 3 inches of distance from the door’s bottom corner for an upper cabinet. However, in case of a base cabinet, it’s best to stick with knob placement in the area that is 2.5 to 3 inches from upper corner.

On the Drawer of Cabinet.

If you have a kitchen cabinet that comes with drawers under 24 inches, knob placed on the center looks best. It should be in the drawer panel’s middle part. You can also try horizontally center placement for positioning the knob. However, do install it within the drawer panel’s upper third part vertically.

In case of drawers measuring more than 24 inches in width, go for a second knob also. You can divide the drawer into three equal parts. And then place both knobs on the left and right parts of this created thirds.

Placement for Handle on Kitchen Cabinet.

Handles are one type of Cabinet Pulls that is more common to use in kitchen cabinetry.  The rules are pretty much similar to installing knobs with just a few differences here and there. Let’s talk about it.

On the Doors.

If you want to place the handles on doors of your kitchen cabinetry, then there are multiple ways to do that. Simply align it with the rail. You can also try bringing it a bit higher or lower. There’s no hard and fast rule here. Just make sure wall cabinet’s spacing is followed by the base cabinets. In the kitchen that is decorated with bamboo aesthetic, follow a horizontal placement of handles.

You can also try edging the handle vertically on lower rail. Wall cabinets center rail’s top edge can be a perfect placement. Follow exact pattern for the lower cabinet doors as well. Another way is placing the handle in a way that extends toward bottom rail of wall cabinet. It should be the top rail in case of base cabinets. So that you can easily reach for it.

On the Drawers.

Just like how you have several ways to go for the door, there are also various patterns for placing handle on drawer of a kitchen cabinet. The most popular one is placing it on drawer’s front right in center. This brings a lot of symmetrical aesthetic to your entire kitchen. However, reaching the bottom drawer can be a problem due to this placement.

Another way to place handle is by centering it on top drawer. While for all the lower drawers, place it on top rails. This brings a nice combination of formal and functional. However, some would mind the unbalance. It’s also helpful for taller members of the household to reach lower drawers for opening through this format.

Another option is placing handles on top rails for every drawer. You can also place the handle on slab drawer’s top quarter part. While placing handle on decorative front’s rails.

If drawers are all slab then you can place the handle on each drawer’s top third part. You can also use two handles for each drawer. For this simply divide drawers into two equal portions. Now for every half part, place a handle right in the center. Small handles look great with this configuration.

⊗ What You Should Not Do:

There are more than a few mistakes that people tend to do while placing knobs and handles on the kitchen cabinet. Especially when it’s their first time deciding such decorating and placement factors. Just calm down and take your time. Your absolute attention is very necessary here.

The first mistake that people do is not caring much about right tool for installation. Using just any cheap plastic tool or outdated ones is going to deeply cause trouble for this type of project. In most cases, using incorrect tools will end up eating your entire day for this cabinet hardware installation process. Sometimes it takes more than a day. And so, using high-grade tools is very important to speed up the process and provide right results.

Another huge err that first-timer makes is prioritizing style over function. If you prefer the handle of knob in a certain way for placement that looks gorgeous but makes reaching it hard, then prioritize functional point more. By placing handle or knob in an odd manner that will make it less practical to open door or drawer is the last thing you want to do. So, don’t fall for just styling but pay attention to the resultant function as well.


And that was all about where to put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets. There are so many types and styles of kitchen cabinet these days. On top of that, people have different design schemes for their kitchen.

And all these factors will highly impact on such hardware placements. So more than anything or anyone, it’s you and your kitchen cabinet that will decide the beneficial placement of a handle or knob.

The ones I have discussed seems to work for most kitchen cabinets. You want to explore and play with these ideas to figure out a suitable placement that will match your kitchen cabinet plus décor the best.

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