Who Makes Craftsman Shop Vacs?

There is a very few conversations when you talk about hand tools, lawn and garden equipment, work wear and power tools like the Shop Vacs and we do not mention Craftsman. The products are loved by the users since 1927!

But there always lays a confusion regarding who makes Craftsman Shop Vacs. We agree that the ownership has changed quite a few times and that paves the way for the complication.

And so, for your convenience, we will discuss the manufacturer, ownership, myths and truths of the Craftsman Shop Vacs construction here!

Who Makes Craftsman Shop Vacs

Craftsman and the Tools

Craftsman is a brand popular for their shop Vacs along with the other automotive tools. They construct hand tools along with the outdoor tool and required equipment. Their power tools including the shop Vacs are famous among the users.

In 2007, Harris Interactive poll mentioned the brand to be the best in both TRUST and BRAND EXPECTATION category. Apart from this, this brand got the Readers Choice Award on the POPULAR MECHANICS. And if you don’t know, let us tell you, this is the official tool brand for the DIY Network and also for the NASCAR!

They bring the best shop Vacs for your woodworking life! Check out our reviews to learn about the most popular and the best shop Vacs for woodworking if you want- trust us; the name of Craftsman Shop Vacs is never ignored!

As much popular the company is, most of the users don’t know who makes Craftsman shop Vacs. We will talk details about the manufacturer, the construction quality and where you can purchase their products.

Manufacturer of Craftsman Shop Vacs

Initially, people think that Craftsman tools are manufactured by Sears. The company has Sears’s products. But there were some issues regarding the ownership of the company. And so, eventually, it was made under a contract by several companies.

The first time Craftsman vacuums and other tools were sold by the Sears catalog. It was back in 1927. Back then, the Sears retail stores used to have Craftsman products there. After that, the Sears-Kmart merger happened. As a result, these tools were made available in the Kmart stores too. This was done via different retailers and this is when the company started to open its wings.

But Sears is not the company that constructs the Shop Vacs by Craftsman. So, who makes Craftsman Shop Vacs and other tools? The answer is, Stanley Black & Decker.

After a long period, in 2017, the Stanley Black & Decker came and got their name included in the Craftsman tools. They acquired this company from the Sear Holdings. As a result, the Craftsman tools retained a limited license for this change.

Myths and Truths

As we have already mentioned, Sears was never the manufacturer of Craftsman. The company used to depend on several manufacturers for making their tools. However, Sears designed the Craftsman products and also included the specifications. After this, they named the brand Craftsman. Mostly, their tools were made in USA, China and Taiwan. But they shifted it to Asia after a while.

When the owner of the Craftsman changed and Stanley took the ownership, there were a lot of changed made. And then, the construction work was shifted in Northern Forth Worth, Texas. This is when the whole business was again shifted to the USA!

However, the complication regarding the manufacturing area still remains. If you are going to buy Craftsman shop Vacs, you might find different versions of the product in some cases.

If it is sold at Sears, that might have been came from China’s vendor while if you are getting the same shop Vac from Lowes, that might be made if Taiwan. And if you check Ace for the product, it can be from Western Forget USA.

Where can you Purchase Craftsman Shop Vacs?

The brand sells their products directly through their retailer. Even if you search the local market or vacuum shops, you might find their products. However, it is tough for you to search for the ones that are authentic.

Apart from the stores around you, you can buy their products online. Amazon has all of their collections of shop vacuums. Along with Amazon, eBay and other online marketplace work as their online retailers. Get them online or offline; make sure you are getting the service warranty for the authentic products so that if you confront any trouble, you can sort it out contacting the company directly.

Wrap Up

Yes, the manufacturer of a company is confusing because brands like Craftsman are big and when it comes to business, the ownership changes quite often. Along with the ownership, the manufacturer might change too.

Do not get confused if tomorrow you hear that some other company is the manufacturer of Craftsman Shop Vacs because this is what happens! Have you ever used any of their products? If you have, leave a review here and let others know how good they are!

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