5 Top-selling Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Market

5 Top-selling Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Market

wood crafts are one of a kind and nobody can change my mind on that. I’m sure that’s how most of us in woodworking community think. Because these precious wooden stuffs, that we make putting our creative soul in, can never be anything less beautiful.

There’s always a story behind a wooden craft, at least for my case. I feel so great listening to vendors at a flea market about what inspired them to make a particular piece.

If you are someone new into the business and looking for some wood craft ideas, then keep on reading. Today, I’ve decided to put down a few really easy to make wood crafts that sell at flea markets.

Ideas on Wood Crafts to Sell at Craft Shows

There is a bunch of stuffs coming right now in my mind. However, I’ll try to be a bit biased and talk about 5 amazing wood crafts that sell well at craft-shows.

Wooden Toys for Kids

Wooden Toys for Kids

I still find it amusing how wooden toys are now considered one of the most premium things that stores sell for a crazy price.

During my childhood, these were so common and I probably had a shelf full of it. Today, this stuff has become kind of a novelty to people. So, I had no choice but to include this hit selling category made of wood.

Modern parents love buying wooden toys because they want something that lasts long. Because of the material, these toys are durable as well as safe for children. And so, parents are lining up outside stores to pay every dollar for such wooden crafts.

You can try making a few items for children. As long as you promise to care about the wood quality, safety and sturdiness, I promise this thing is going to get some really good amount at a flea market.

There might be some sets of law regarding making something for kids since it’s a matter of their safety. So be sure you find out every legal rule in your state and play accordingly.

A Beautiful Bookcase Complementing an Armchair!

A Beautiful Bookcase Complementing an Armchair

Bookcases are no new thing. Most probably every house these days will have a few of them. These are used to carry books and other stuff. So obviously they are nothing unusual and people won’t be curious about thinking twice on how it looks while buying one.

However, you can go with some tricks and turn this lifeless stuff into something visually attractive. People love such experiments.

One good example is making a bookcase on the side of an armchair. A simple complimentary feature can glam up the whole home deco using a mere bookcase.

You see, people can never resist buying such a lovely creation into their space. To make things even better, this woodcraft can be a great way to save space and provide perfect utility.

Woody, The Time Teller!

I’m talking about a wooden clock. I just can’t resist this beautiful name coming right into my mind. This time-teller buddy is actually pretty economical to make. Also, this will not even need you a lot of time. You can implement your woodworking charisma on any usual clock and turn it into something premium. How wonderful is that!

There’s no restriction at all for what size or shape you want to go for. Just make a nice finished body over a previously done watch mechanism. And there you are owning some really pretty looking office desk clocks and wall mantles. There are around hundreds of designs to play with.

If you want to make a complete clock out of wood, go for it! A pendulum clock with all-wooden parts and gears will look stunning as a craft for a flea market. There are many folks who would love to hang such wooden creation on their wall as a beautiful vintage showpiece.

Wooden House for Little Birdie!

Wooden House for Little Birdie

Outdoor woodworking projects are getting really hyped and appreciated by craft lovers. There are thousands of garden and portico projects to try. One of the most popular stuff is a birdhouse. Now let me spill a weird fact that believe it or not is extremely true.

These wooden, easy-to-make birdhouses are highly-priced and people are ready to spend every penny on it. Yes, you heard me right!

There are tons of fanatics who love birds chirping in their garden. And so, they decide to put a beautiful and functional birdhouse. I mean, who won’t want charming birds singing in their space?

So, that’s why the birdhouse has come a long way and gained a good position in top-selling wooden crafts.

Memory Frames

Memory Frames woodcruft

Memory frames are a great way to hold your beautiful moments in a picture. It’s simple but never out of the race. Everybody has a taste for beautiful looking picture frames. Also, the ideas to try for this woodcraft is unlimited.

You’ll never feel short of designs to make such an evergreen wooden craft that will always be in demand. You may want to have some versatile pricing range for wood frames. That’s how you can take advantage.

Also, a wooden frame is super light and perfect to ship all over the world. So, once you are done making a few designs and selling at a flea market, go online for some promotion.

People from all over the world will be buying your crafts. Also, not to forget online sale potential is higher than the local way.


These five were my most favorite and sure-to-make-sale ideas that are quite popular in craft culture. So, choose a suitable niche and start making something awesome.

I’m sure with dedication and pure passion, you’ll be able to make and sell some really good designs. Just be sure to enjoy the process of creating. Good Luck!

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