Don’t Start without These Woodworker Safety Tools and Gears!

Woodworker Safety Tools and Gears

I know, woodworking is fun and a passionate hobby for many out there. I totally accept that but you can’t solely focus on the fun and shine side.

There’s always a black shadow chasing every existing thing in this world. And this job is no different from the fact.

There are a number of injuries chances when one works with hand and power tools. So, to be on the safer side and enjoy it, you need to think about taking appropriate steps. The very obvious step? Buying the right type of woodworker safety tools and gears.

Let’s dedicate today’s discussion on that!

Must-Have Safety Gears: Including the Most Basic & Rudimentary Options.

Before moving into the list, let me boost your willpower to buy these. Here are some of the most common mishaps that happen frequently too woodworkers who don’t care about safety.

  • Noise Trauma
  • Hearing Damages.
  • Limb Wounds.
  • Cuts.
  • Splinters.


“According to the 2011’s survey done by NEISS, the number of injuries caused by woodworking tools every year were reported. The survey showed:

  • Almost 40 thousand are a table saw injuries.
  • Less than 11 thousand injuries due to planers and jointers.
  • More than 6.5 thousand injuries due to the miter saw.
  • More than 3.5 thousand injuries due to the band saw.
  • 350 injuries due to the radial arm saw.”

So, how are you feeling after reading out these horrible things that have a chance to occur suddenly?

That’s the same I felt when my seniors told me the importance of considering personal protection.

So, without making any delay, let me breakdown some of the must-have safety tools you should invest in.

If You Care for Your Eyes.

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. Who does not know that but how many actually sit and think about protecting them?

Especially, while being involved with something like woodwork. This area is a sure battlefield of flying dust and debris that can at any moment enter your precious eyes and do some serious damage.

The Way Out? A Pair of Safety Goggles!

There are many styles and designs of safety glasses available in today’s market. You can find one supporting your budget consideration. Many glasses include that extra bit of protection by implementing features such as side screen and impact resistance lens.

These are great at covering your eyes well from flying sawdust and slow electric sparks from various power tools.

Hand Protection is Unavoidable!

Ever imagined how it would be without hands? You won’t be able to eat, sleep and live a life without using these gems.

There are many incidents of power tool users who have lost their precious hands due to simple avoidance of wearing right protection. Please, don’t be a part of this unfortunate group.

You Can Enjoy Handling Any Power Tools, But Only After Wearing the Proper Hand Gloves!

A good pair of hand glove can save your life from the risk of blade cuts and serious injuries. There are anti-vibration gloves available for users who have to deal with really oscillating hand tools.

Vibration tools are slowly but surely causing some serious damages to your hands. You can easily reverse the bad effect by using a good pair of anti-vibration gloves.

Also, there are models that can handle carving or whittling tasks safely. These are completely cut resistance to avoid any mishap at all due to very complicating chores.

Most of these gloves are made of a material called Kevlar fabric. You can assure a flexible, indestructible and sturdy performance with these.

Protect Your Hearing

Yeah, maybe not every machine at your workshop is screaming with an irritating noise. But that’s how most of them are.

And so, let’s not sidestep that since it’s about the majority. These irritating noises are always a mess creator for me.

I can’t tell you the number of times a mistake happened just because of my mind getting distracted by these silly machine noise. It can also lead to a sudden finger cut or things like that.

Why Deal with It When You Can Simply Buy Yourself a Good Ear Protection Gear.

There are several types of earbuds available for woodworkers. You can decide on your budget and simply get one from an online or local hardware store.

Fight the Dust

Working with power tool will surely bring one uninvited guest to your place. It’s called dust and debris. These are no way good and cause serious damage if inhaled.

The negative impact it has on your lung’s wellbeing is very serious. Also, these obstacle your work with lack in vision clarity which is not acceptable.

Simply Wipe Away the Chance of Dust Inhalation or Irritation with A Face Shield.

These are a great way to shield the rest of your face after using goggles. Also, even if you are not into skin care, making it worse isn’t your wish.

These flying particles can clog your pores and stay there for a long time to invite a pimple the next day. I bet even the most careless guy to skincare also won’t want that to happen. So, wear the face shield.

You can find yourself a stronger respirator as well. These are also good at keeping the odor of stain, fumes, and paints away. Getting sick due to these is definitely a big no.

Woodworking Aprons Are Necessary.

Your clothing and wear can also hinder while working on a certain object. Wearing a loose t-shirt that keeps hanging can be a little disturbing and sometimes, cause distraction. And we all know distraction is the best friend of accidents.

So, Get Yourself A Beautiful Leather Made Woodworking Apron.

It does not only bring you extra comfort but also completes the look of a serious woodworker. And most importantly, it plays the side part of a useful safety gear as well.

Don’t Let your Finger Cut

Believe me, the slight cuts and wounds on your finger can be a huge problem when there’s a need for filling holes or drilling screws. These are not painful but can create a lot of mess later for your project. So better avoid them with preparation.

You Can Always Go for a High Friction Finger Tape to Avoid Nicks & Cuts.

These are great at keeping your finger all covered. Also, there will be no sticky residue once you are done using them. Some even like to go for leather thumb and finger guards.

If you are prone to do tasks such as carving with knives, these guards can help a lot. The best part about these is that it can combinedly protect from inside and outside.

Push Sticks Are Not Extra

You don’t want to get your hands closer to power saw’s blade part. This is often necessary however when dealing with cut pieces placement between fence and blade.

Using a Push Stick to Be Safe for Such Placements Can Keep You Safe from Blade.

Most of the time, power saws include one with its package. However, if your model does not come with one, buy it separately. They cost is really inexpensive.

Surviving in A Small & Tight Place

Working in a corner or tight place isn’t a new thing for woodworkers. These places are usually lacking proper visibility. So, it becomes quite hard to focus on doing a particular chore safely. This eventually leads you to the danger of getting cuts.

A Simple Pivoting Head Flashlight Can Save You from Such Tight Place’s Calamity.

These are really inexpensive and portable to carry anywhere. You can invest in one to use it for a long time without going for anything fancy.

Bonus Safety Tips for Rookie Woodworkers

  • Never skip reading the instruction or manual of a particular power tool before using it.
  • Your instinct never lies. So, when a situation seems unsafe, skip it.
  • Talk with someone who has the experience, let their mistakes be your lesson.
  • Work slowly and practice to reduce trips or slips.
  • Never use a certain tool for something it isn’t made for.
  • Just because these are safety gears, don’t pick the cheapest item. These needs to be well built and of some quality to protect you.


I hope my thoughts will help you to be safe and sound. Remember the fact that a beautiful hobby like woodworking can turn into a horrible nightmare anytime. It only takes one serious injury to spoil it.

So always be well prepared and geared for any project, small or big. You should also have a check in the area you’ll be working on. Make sure it’s free from any potential accident.

A few considerations and planful preparation can avoid harms, health concerns, and injuries. So, Think about it!

On That Note, I’ll Be Bidding Bye. Be Safe & Have Fun!

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