What Gauge Nail for Framing?

What Gauge Nail for Framing?

You might plan to construct your own house! Or you might want to go for a professional framing job! No matter what you do, you will surely need to deal with a lot of woodworks. From framing the exterior walls to assembling the major structure of the room- you need to do it all!

And for that, you will need a nail gun! But nail gun doesn’t work alone! The right nail is also required. But do you know what gauge nail for framing will fit the gun? We know you are confused!

To reduce your confusion, we are here at your aid! We will tell you what gauge nail you should choose and which one is the ideal fit for you!

Common Framing Nails

There are a lot of nail lengths available. But do you know what gauge nail for framing is popular? Yes, here, we will only talk about the nail sizes that are loved by the users for framing. The famous gauge nails are-

  • 6d
  • 8d
  • 10d
  • 16d


If you just knew about the gauge nail then you might not understand what “d” refers to. This refers to “penny” or diameter. And this will help you differentiate between the nail lengths. All the nail sizes mentioned here are different from each other. And so, the gauge nail selection depends on what type of framing work you are doing.

At times, long nails can result in splitting wood. So, you have to take care of the lumbar parts too. Here, we have made a small list of framing nails and their use so that you can understand which one to choose and when.

Giving you the spoiler, let’s tell you, the best gauge nail for framing is the 16d nail. However, there are other ones too! Whatever fits you is the one you should choose. And you can check the Best 16 Gauge Fisher Nails to get the right 16d nail for your nailer gun and make the framing work easier than before.

Nail and the Application

And now, we will explain all the common nails that we have mentioned above for framing. Take a look!

6d Nails

If you are here for attaching flat woods, the best nail size for you is 6d. The other nails mentioned in the list are large. But when it comes to adding flat wood, smaller nails can do a better job. The 6d nails have 2 inches of the shank length.

Along with this, the shank diameter of these nails is about 0.12 inches. So, you can purchase these for your interior work! If you go to the market and search for 6d nails, you will see common nails and box nails available. You can go for anyone you want!

10d Nails

If you are here to get the right nails for door trimmers, you can get your hands on these. In such cases, you will require double studs. With the 10d nails, there is no chance of penetrating the added boards from one end to the other.

In some situations, the DIYers use this one for adding the flat board faces too! However, some people install the 10d nails in the wrong manner which results in damage. So, ensure that you are installing the nail in a way where the edge will exceed ¾ inches giving your enough space for your work!

8d Nails

Now, we are dealing with medium nails! Whenever the DIY-lovers talk about attaching subfloors, the name of the 8d nails comes in! These are great in works like this. For sheathing too, such gauge nails will work extraordinarily.

If you want to add furring strips, get your hands on the 8d nails and you do not need to worry about the gauge nails anymore! For toenailing work, these nails are just the ideal match. The 8d vinyl-coated sinkers are very common in the market; purchase them for a better framing experience.

The lengths vary from the 10d nails and 16d. However, there are similarities between the 16d and the 8d nails. Where the common nails are a little thick, these nails tend to be a little narrow-shaped.

16 Nails

One of the most popular nail sizes is the 16d one and trusts us; that is for all the good reasons! The length of this nail is about 3.5 inches. And for framing, this is one of the very common nails. If you are dealing with construction, you can always plan to keep one of these nails in your collection.

There are two available 16d nails in the marked named as the common one and the sinker one. Now, if you don’t know, let us tell you that there are differences between the sinker and the common nail.  

Which Nail Size to Choose?

Now that you already know about the nail sizes right for framing, you can easily go for one. But how will you understand which one is the perfect one for you? For this, first, you must learn that framing nails need to fit into the nail gun’s magazine.

And for this purpose, these are usually aligned in a row. The whole process will depend on the nail length. If you are settling for nails, you must go for the right nail gun and vice versa. In easy words, the nail gun and the nail size should complement each other. Usually, we settle for the same branded nails and nail guns to ensure this.

But if you go for the standard nailers, these will work with almost all the nail sizes. We still recommend you double-check beforehand. As we are talking about the framing nailer, these are available in the market in two different types. One is a round head framing nailer and the other one is a clipped head framing nailer.

Both of them are designed for different jobs. Some rare magazines also include one steep angle. This directly points to the striking top. It is there for making it perfect for fitting the snug places. The places depend on the framing and the structural applications.

Nail Chart: Size vs. Length vs. Diameter

16d3 ½ inchesSinkers; 0.148 Commons; 0.162 inches
10d3 ½ inches0.148 inches
8d2 ½ inches0.134 inches
6d2 inches0.12 inches

Wrap Up

All you need now is to research a little more and learn which gauge nail will fit your nailer and all your framing needs before you buy one of them. The chart will help you decide one for you! In short, you have to go for the nail size that is 3 times longer than the thickness!

Here, the thickness of your material is necessary because the nail will penetrate the board connecting it to the other board! According to our suggestion, the best idea is to buy more than one nail to make sure the framing is flawless!

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